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Xyle Scope

Date added: July 02, 2006 Avg. Rating: No. of reviews: 6

Enables you to interactively explore and analyze HTML and CSS.

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  • wow

    Post Date: Apr 05, 2007
    Reviewed By: Hermes Rating:

    I had just installed version 1.1.7, and it is working fine now! (Fixed the problem with the recent Apple security update!)


    Post Date: Mar 30, 2007
    Reviewed By: Ingy Rating:

    What I like most is that both the HTML and the CSS Views feature very advanced search capabilities. Both a full-text search Selector Matching and Smart Groups can be used to quickly list all HTML elements or CSS rules that satisfy certain criteria. Not to mention the pop up menu to access the style sheets. escorts in london

  • this things cool

    Post Date: Dec 25, 2006
    Reviewed By: Skatepunkcat Rating:

    i think this is nice, you can sort all your code, it help out alot. kinda big.

  • Nice Analysis, but Lacks Utility

    Post Date: Nov 15, 2006
    Reviewed By: Mars Rating:

    Perhaps I've become way to accustomed to the FireFox/Mozilla Web Developer Toolbar, because Xyle Scope seems myopic in it's CSS focus.

    Xyle Scope does it's DOM/CSS analyzation beautifully [really!], but there's a lot more to building a web site than CSS.

    Unless your working on a local file:/// URL, you can't actually edit your code with this tool.

  • Like an x-ray machine for CSS

    Post Date: Oct 11, 2006
    Reviewed By: Brent Miller Rating:

    Once I started using Xyle Scope I never looked back: it's the best way I've seen to dissect a page's css without having to shuffle through hundreds of lines of code.

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